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Mold Removal & Remediation in Montreal, Ottawa & Toronto

You can’t ignore mold problems. Mold is detrimental on both your health and your building’s lifespan. The mold spores spread quickly, causing breathing problems and expensive structural damage.


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Our 8-Step Approach for Mold Remediation

Step 1

Contain and Induce the area to prevent further spreading of mold spores

Step 2

The area is cleaned and disinfected

Step 3

All Infected materials from the building are removed

Step 4

We destroy the mold using our IAQ’s Solution 1

Step 5

The dead mold is extracted from the surface. IAQ Solution 2 is applied to to kill all mold roots.

Step 6

IAQ Solution 3 is applied to prevent further mold spores from spreading during the HEPA vacuum process.

Step 7

All debris, dust and dead mold are removed via our HEPA vacuum process.

Step 8

The rest of the building is treated to ensure a mold-free environment.

IAQ Solution 1 destroys all mole spores while keeping humidity at a minimum.

IAQ Solution 2 crystalizes the mold roots, drawing them out to the surface.

IAQ Solution 3 encapsulates all mold residue to prevent further spreading during the cleanup



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