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Thermography Inspection in Montreal, Montérégie & Laval

Evaluate your building’s thermal efficiency by identifying issues such as water or air infiltration and lack of insulation. Our professionals accurately depict any conditions in your home or office.


Nobody really wants to need this service frankly but fortunately if you’re in this situation you could not be in better hands. Chris and his team go above and beyond to make a stinky situation feel less stressful. Though you might not know anything about mold or fungal reports these guys will make sure you are well informed and taken care of like family. If you trust the process and follow their advice you will be unburdened from what can end up being a worse situation if not properly remediated by professionals. My best advice is to NOT ignore water damage at the onset, you will regret it later. They are honest and will have your best interest at heart Thanks guys, I appreciate you all so much!



With our state of the art infrared equipment, we monitor details about temperature differentials within your property and help you prevent issues such as mold growth, heat loss, air infiltration or leaks. Increase your building’s overall performance by calling a professional today.

Thermography Inspection: an investment that will generate savings.


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